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Our Engineering Section

Dedicated towards achieving our target production with full accuracy and quality, we have got all modern machines in our workshop. Meeting the needs of various industries, our production unit is equipped with all machineries equipments as under :
Winding Machines, Lathe, Cutting, Drilling, Bending, Grinding, Buffing, Welding machines. Compressors, Testing Equipments, HV Testing, Painting, Oil Filter plant, Drying chamber etc.
In addition to this, we also follow some production guidelines that further help us to offer precision engineered electrical products.
Cores: The Cores ar build from non-ageing scale free, low loss silicon steel laminations of cold rolled grain oriented best grade material. The laminations are insulated from each other by hot oil resisting insulation coating which does not deteriorate with age and under continuous operation in oil at temperatures normally experienced in transformer service. The cores are of interleaved construction and are securely clamped or bound together to ensure mechanical rigidity. The normal working flux density are always maintained at 1.55 to 1.65 tesla for stable working of the unit in adverse condition of higher voltage and lower frequency. Adequate cooling ducts are provided to ensure free circulation of oil. The cores are generally of mitred joints, to reduce losses to minimum.
Windings: The windings are manufactured from electrolytic high conductivity copper/aluminium conductors covering with suitable insulation and normally consist of one or a combination of the three main types of coils viz.
1.Spiral coils.
2.Cross over coils.
3.Continuous Disc coils.
Adequate cooling ducts are provided. The windings are carefully dried and pre-shrunk. Windings are designed and manufactured to effectively withstand all electrical, thermal and mechanical stresses experienced in the normal transformer service.
Connection & Tapping: Transformers can be supplied connected for any vector group as per IS:2026, In such units the tappings are brought upto links at oil level inside the tank. For large units, off circuit, hand operated tap changing switch can be provided externally.

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